Wellness Tour: getting back to basics

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Wellness Tour: getting back to basics

  • Day 1

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    Baby yourself

    The islands of Guadeloupe will take care of you from the minute you arrive! Our Ecomuseum will teach you all the secrets of Creole medicinal plants – tips handed down from generation to generation through the various cultural traditions that have shaped today’s Guadeloupe. The spas here offer a wide selection of natural treatments using plants and herbs renowned for their soothing, relaxing or invigorating properties. Practical info: 2 hours Contact: Ecomusée Créole Art de la Guadeloupe Route de Sofaïa – Ravine Cheval 97115 Sainte-Rose Tel.: +590 (0)5 90 28 67 98 E-mail: contact@ecomuséeguadeloupe.fr Website: www.ecomusee.gp

  • Day 2

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    Getting back to basics!

    For an even deeper experience, immerse yourself in the tropical forest with its hidden treasures. Find rejuvenation at Tendacayou, with its natural spa. Pools of river water and waterfalls, warm counter-current pools with underwater jets – all designed to help you relax. There’s nothing like swimming under a waterfall to help you feel fresh and invigorated once again. Practical info: 2 hoursContact: Tendacayou Ecolodge & Spa Matouba, 97126 Deshaies Tel.: +590 (0)5 90 28 42 72E-mail: resa@tendacayou.comWebsite: www.tendacayou.com

  • Day 3

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    All the benefits of nature!

    Continue your gentle holiday with a relaxing massage in the heart of an enchanting tropical garden. Enjoy a jacuzzi with infusions of garden herbs, followed by an exfoliating scrub with cane sugar, local apricot oil and extracts from exotic flowers. Practical info: 2 hoursContact: Le Parc aux Orchidées - Ms Valérie Gautier723 Route de Trou Caverne, 97116 Pointe-NoireFor a massage: +590 (0)6 90 75 77 29 (Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm)E-mail: leparc@parcauxorchidees.comWebsite: www.parcauxorchidees.com

  • Day 4

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    Heat in the forecast! Eternal relaxation

    In Bouillante, enjoy a leisurely dip in the Sources de Thomas springs and the low-nitrate hot baths in Matouba. Relax in Basse-Terre’s hot springs supplied from La Soufrière volcano, with water that flows to the coast at Bouillante to provide sea bathing at a sensational 40°C.

  • Day 5

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    Exotic relaxation

    You can’t leave Guadeloupe without experiencing our rituals for relaxing, either on your own or as a couple, during a timeless get-away in a garden that appeals to all five of your senses. Take advantage of the exotic setting designed by renowned landscape architect Michel Gaillard, the creator of the Jardin Botanique de Deshaies. It includes a jacuzzi, tropical pools, a refreshing waterfall and huts for relaxing.Practical info: 2 hoursContact: Residence la Plantation & SpaSainte Marthe Center, 97118 Saint-FrançoisTel.: +590 (0)5 90 210 210Fax: +590 (0)5 90 48 96 10E-mail: contact@laplantationresort.fr Website: www.laplantationresort.fr

  • Day 6

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    A rejuvenating bath

    End your stay by learning the Guadeloupean secret of eternal youth! Enjoy a unique experience at Babin beach. Discover the benefits of the gray mud found beneath the waters by slathering it all over your body. It offers relief from rheumatism, arthritis and, in particular, skin ailments. You’ll come out feeling rejuvenated.Practical info: 3 hours

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