Conditions générales

Conditions générales « FLEURS DES ILES »

In order to make your stay as pleasant as possible, please observe the following guidelines.    Access to the hotel is reserved for guests staying there. All the same a tolerance of 2 friends or relatives can be accepted but we want to be informed. However it is strictly forbidden to lodge supplemental persons without warning us.   The furniture and equipment of the rooms should not be moved, including tables and chairs in the garden.   At the pool, it is required to respect the calm, and any diving or ball games is strictly forbidden. We recall that the swimming pool is reserved for the guests of the hotel and that the visitors do not have access to it.   After 22 hours, it is forbidden to make noise, in order to respect the tranquility of other guests.     The management reserves the right to expel any person whose behavior would interfere with the tranquility of the residence.   Thank you for your understanding                                                                                                                      Olivier