Conditions générales

Conditions générales « Studio apartment Fleurette »


To facilitate your stay, we provide you with our rules of procedure.
The accommodation is rented to you for a defined period at the time of booking. Under no circumstances can the customer rely on any right to maintain the premises.

Miscellaneous Precautions
The layout: it has been designed for optimum use for the duration and the quality of reception, also, the bedding, furniture and miscellaneous objects must not be transported outside the housing. Avoid using towels and kitchen towels for the floor.
Outdoor Furniture: Be sure to keep it clean and store it clean in the unit.

All conveniences are at your disposal, you are asked to use them to the best, ensuring normal operation and reasonable consumption.

Water, electricity, air conditioning: water, electricity and air conditioning are included in the price per night. For this to remain so, we ask you to turn off the lights when you are away, not to let the water run unnecessarily, and especially for the air conditioning do not let the doors and shutters open when it is used; When you are absent think of stopping it.

Smoking is prohibited inside the accommodation.

Breakage: report it during your stay. Inform the owner immediately of any loss or damage occurring in the leased premises, even if there is no apparent damage.

Maintenance: Do not forget that the premises must be clean and tidy when you leave (the tenant is responsible for maintaining the rented premises and making them clean and repairable at the end of their use). Housekeeping and crockery are at your charge.

A cleaning fee:
The cleaning is to be carried out by yourself before your departure. Possibility of making the departure cleaning by us for a package of 30,00 euros.

Documentation on the region is available.
Users are advised to inform them of their time of arrival and departure as soon as possible.

Despite our constant attention, we do not assume our responsibility in the event of theft in your dwelling.

Length of stay (early departure - renewal request)
Renewal request: subject to availability and at the discretion of the owner, the length of stay can be extended.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.