Conditions générales

Conditions générales « VELOC, Bicycle hire »


Article 1 Damage: The damage found on the bicycle and its accessories will be invoiced according to the tariff in force.

Article 2 Losses and theft of accessories: Losses and theft of accessories will be decomposed as Suit: Padlock or Key 10 €, Helmet 25 €, Backpack 10 €. Pump 10 €, Multi - Tools 10 €

The use of an inner tube is charged 3 euros. Repairs are not accepted.

Article 3 Deposit: The security deposit in cash will be requested for each bicycle rental, the amount of this deposit is fixed according to the current rate of 350 € per bicycle rented.
ID will be required for any bike rental.

Article 4 Tariffs: The rental rates are displayed on the annex to the rental contract. The rental is payable when taking charge of the bike (s). The rental day begins at 8:00 am and ends no later than 5:30 pm. The accepted payment methods are: cash, Paypal, Lydia or bank transfer.

Article 5 Theft: The contractor undertakes to do everything possible to avoid theft of the bicycle or bicycles placed at his disposal (in particular by using fixed points using the supplied padlock). In case of theft of a bicycle, the contractor must justify a complaint to the Gendarmerie or to the police station. The deposit will be cashed. In the absence of this regulation, "The lessor" reserves the right to initiate legal proceedings, in particular to obtain payment. The hirer is not insured for the theft of rented cycles.

Article 6 Liability - Bicycles shall be deemed to be in good working order and in accordance with the regulations in force at the time they are made available. The Contractor shall release "The Lessor" from any liability arising from the use of the bicycle or bicycles placed at its disposal, in particular as regards accidents, damage caused to third parties and traffic offenses. The user declares that he holds personal liability insurance (for example, a multi-residential policy) that guarantees the consequences of using the Bike and that also covers his / her spouse and their children.

Article 7 Limits of use: The user can only use the bike within the administrative limits of the department and not prohibited to cyclists.

Article 8 Highway Code: The user agrees to ride the bicycle with caution and in accordance with the regulations in force and especially the highway code. The Tenant is personally liable for any violations of the Highway Code. ** Helmets are strongly recommended

Article 9 Troubleshooting and assistance: Troubleshooting will be charged 15 euros in the area of ​​Sainte-Rose.
Mobile 0690.46 69 68. Outside this municipality, troubleshooting is not guaranteed

Article 10 Delay: Any delay in the refund will be invoiced according to the tariff in force.

Article 11 Conditions of use: The tenant certifies to be able to use the Rented Goods, and declares not to have a medical contraindication.
Every minor must be accompanied by a responsible adult. The tenant agrees to use the Rented Goods himself. The loan or sublease of the Leased Property is strictly forbidden. The tenant is forbidden to intervene on
Property Leased in case of breakdown without the agreement of the renter. The tenant agrees to use the Leased Goods as a good father. He is the custodian of the Leased Property and remains responsible for its use both in respect of the Leased Properties themselves and in respect of third parties.

Article 12 Booking-Cancellation: Any booking will give rise to the payment of a deposit of 50%.
The tenant has the right to cancel a reservation under the following conditions:
- More than 15 days before the event: Cancellation without cause and return of the deposit.
- From 15 days to 24 hours before the service: As compensation the lessor keeps the deposit paid.
- Less than 24 hours before the service: The whole of the service ordered is invoiced to the tenant who undertakes to pay it.
When the cancellation is caused by the duly justified illness of the tenant, or in the event of detestable meteorological conditions (thunderstorm, heavy rains, yellow vigilance for heavy rains and beyond), the deposit or the settled benefit are reimbursed to the tenant .