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Top 5 beach bars

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    Discovering the islands of Guadeloupe means letting go with your feet in the sand, marvelling at the sea and enjoying a good cocktail, obviously rum-based... What better way to do this than to visit one of our beach bars? Here are our TOP 5 beach bars, and we have many more good addresses to share with you.

  • N°1

    Sun7 beach, Marie-Galante

    A bucolic place where the pinkish colours of the sky make the moment magical. The old grey tree seems to be pointing at the last ray of the sun which tints the lagoon with an exceptional colour. Comfortably seated, bare feet in the Japanese grass, let yourself be carried away by the tranquillity of Marie-Galante.

  • N°2

    Karacoli, Basse-Terre

    The beach bar on Grande-Anse beach offers an incredible array of on-site offerings. Obviously, the cocktails are fabulous, as are the tapas, but what about a cabanitas just for you? A massage? A spa? At Karacoli, everything is possible!

  • N°3

    Kabana Beach, Port-Louis

    In the north of Grande-Terre, on the famous beach of Port-Louis, Kabana Beach is the new place to chill out. A relaxed beach atmosphere, fresh fruit cocktails and beautiful dishes are the ingredients of this beach bar.

  • N°4

    Les pieds dans le sable, Désirade

    This beach bar is so atypical that it is difficult to describe it. At the entrance of the beach in Fifi, a blue caravan has become THE place to be. On the beach, a shared library is at your disposal to relax after tasting 100% Guadeloupe products.

  • N°5

    La Pause Créole, Les Saintes

    On the beach at Fond Curé, the accras will be served hot and the pina colada freshHave arefreshing dive into the turquoise water in front of you, facing the islet Cabrit. The local specialities are served at the table facing the sea.