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Theme Parks

Top 5 Theme Parks

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    There is ample entertainment opportunities in Guadeloupe islands. Numerous leisure parks offer the possibility to entertain young and old alike.

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    Karukera LAnd, Grande-Terre

    Water slides, animals, swimming pool, food courts and various games will keep you busy for a fun day With the mascot Karucoco, the children are busy participating in the activities on offer.

  • N°2

    le tapeur

    Climb up to the top of the trees and hurtle down the zip line. From branch to branch, thrills are guaranteed and suitable for all levels. In the rainforest, come and test your Tarzan skills at the Tapeur.

  • N°3

    The Parc des Mamelles

    The zoo is both fun and cultural. Young and old alike will leave with stars in their eyes after admiring the felines, the monkeys and, of course, our cute racoon. In a cool, well-marked park with trees, let yourself be carried away by the magic of the animal world.

  • N°4

    Habitation Cote sous le Vent, Basse-Terre

    The Côte Sous Le Vent (Leeward) offers many activities, but there is one that is truly original and accessible to those over 12 years old. It's called tree biking. In the canopy, you will pedal to visit the house from above.

  • N°5

    Escape Game

    Are you a mastermind? A great fact finder? Take a good look around you and embark on an adventure with TicTac Game. Your mission, if you accept it, is to solve the enigma in a minimum of time