The Slave Route
Heritage Tour

The Slave Route Heritage Tour

  • Day 1

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    Vestiges and memory in Guadeloupe

    Discover sites that are connected with the history and remembrance of slavery on Guadeloupe. This tour provides a fuller understanding of the island’s past, of which tangible evidence is still visible today across Guadeloupe. During the course of this tour, which includes Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre as well as Marie-Galante and Terre-de-Bas, you’ll be introduced to a rich, varied, sometimes unique and often misunderstood legacy that needs to be protected out of a duty to remember the past. This itinerary of 18 sites is part of UNESCO’s international Slave Route Project, and was the first such tour in the world to be recognised and approved by UNESCO.

  • Day 2

    Discover the circuits

    Sites on Basse-Terre

    Beausoleil Plantation (Montéran, Saint-Claude) Fort Louis Delgrès (City of Basse-Terre) Vanibel Plantation (Vieux-Habitants) La Grivelière Plantation (Vieux-Habitants) L’Anse à la Barque indigo plantation (Vieux-Habitants) Belmont Plantation: Slave cell (Trois-Rivières)

  • Day 3

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    Sites on Grande-Terre

    Musée Victor Schœlcher (Pointe-à-Pitre)Fort Fleur d’Epée (Bas du Fort, Le Gosier)Monument to Liberty (Petit-Canal)Canal des Rotours (Morne-à-l’Eau)La Mahaudière Plantation (Anse-Bertrand)Slave cemetery (Sainte-Marguerite, Le Moule)Sainte-Marguerite (Le Moule)Néron Plantation (Le Moule)

  • Day 4

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    Sites on Marie-Galante

    Murat PlantationRoussel-Trianon Plantation (Grand-Bourg)Punch Pond (Grand-Bourg)Indigo plantations on the eastern coast of Les Galets

  • Day 5

    Discover the circuits

    Site on Les Saintes

    Fidelin pottery works (Terre-de-Bas)