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  • Day 1

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    Sea, surf and sun!

    As soon as you arrive, whether you’re a long-time surfer or just a beginner, you’ll be whisked off to tackle one of the many surfing spots to be found on the Guadeloupe islands. Its ideal geographical location in the heart of the Antilles makes Guadeloupe an excellent destination for riding exceptionally high-quality waves year-round in 27°C water. Several of the archipelago’s surfing spots have won an international reputation.Practical info: 3 hours Contact: Arawak Surf Club BP 79 Boisvin 97160 Le Moule Tel.: +590 (0)5 90 23 60 68 / +590 (0) 6 90 57 89 05E-mail: arawak.surf@wanadoWebsite: www.arawak-surf.gp

  • Day 2

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    Gliding through the air!

    As the song says, “Do like birds do!” After spending your first day in the water, take off in a hang glider and glide over Guadeloupe’s treasures. Take a smooth ride over white-sand beaches and the shimmering pink lagoon along the Pointe des Châteaux. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get away from it all and feel free as you contemplate the earth from a dizzying height! Practical info: 2 hours Contact: Vol Pendulaire Guadeloupe Aérodrome de Saint-François, 97118 Saint-FrançoisTel.: +590(0) 690 49 72 19 E-mail: contact@volpendulaireguadeloupe.com

  • Day 3

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    Fly over an island nest...

    Now that you’re familiar with dizzying heights, discover the excitement of skydiving over the Guadeloupe islands. You’ll make a visit to Caraïbes Parachutisme for your maiden dive. After some brief training, you’ll be harnessed to your instructor equipped with a two-seat parachute, and you’re off! Enjoy an unobstructed view of the most beautiful lagoons and beaches in the Caribbean. It’s a completely new experience for the entire family. Practical info: about 2 hoursContact: Caraïbe Parachutisme Aérodrome de Saint François97118 Saint-François Tel.: +590(0) 5 90 82 81 14 / +590 (0) 6 90 86 73 36E-mail: caraibeparachutisme@hotmail.com Website: www.caraibeparachutisme.com

  • Day 4

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    The breathtaking Gueule Grand Gouffre

    More thrills on the agenda! You’ll pay a visit to the island of Marie-Galante and stop at Saint-Louis at the site of the Gueule Grand Gouffre to admire an impressive curiosity forged by nature. This natural arch carved out by the sea opens onto an open-air chasm marked by the furious crashing of the Atlantic’s waves. To get there, plan on a 45-minute boat ride from Pointe-à-Pitre. You’ll even see the coastline of Grande-Terre and, on a fine day, La Désirade.Practical info: 1 dayContact: Les Evasions de Jade Tel.: +590(0) 590 68 65 58 / +590(0) 690 28 99 53E-mail: resasevasionsdejade@gmail.comWebsite: www.lesevasionsdejade.com

  • Day 5

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    A big-game fishing adventure!

    Still looking for excitement? It’s time to turn an ordinary fishing trip into true sport! As a thrill-seeker you’ll be heading out to sea to track down kingfish, bonitos, barracudas, blue marlins, lancers, sea bream, dolphinfish, sailfish and swordfish as you try your hand at Guadeloupe sport fishing. The Caribbean Sea and the windward side of the islands offer large numbers of fish and are still the best hunting grounds. But there are hidden bounties waiting off the islands of La Désirade, Marie-Galante and Les Saintes.Practical info: 1 dayContact: Michel et Tony Pêche au Gros Route de Birloton, 97125 BouillanteTel.: +590(0) 590 99 19 18 / +590(0) 690 55 21 335E-mail: burel.michel3@orange.frWebsite: www.michelpecheaugros.com

  • Day 6

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    Heed the call of the open sea

    After a day of sport, it’s time for more excitement! Humpback whales and sperm whales are waiting for you! Off the windward coast, you can admire the dolphins as they perform their ballet in their natural setting. Professional nature guides will lead your search for these huge denizens of the sea, in a way that shows respect for their natural environment and does not disturb other cetaceans. You can truly immerse yourself in the world of marine wildlife.Practical info: 8-1/2 hoursContact: Association Evasion Tropicale Rue des Palétuviers97125 Pigeon BouillanteTel.: +590 (0) 590 92 74 24 / +590 (0)690 57 19 44E-mail: evastropic@wanadoo.frWebsite: www.evasiontropicale.org

  • Day 7

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    Stay quiet!

    It’s all been leading up to this! After a thrilling week, head down into the depths. A nighttime dive in the Caribbean will shake up your senses and cause you to lose your bearings. The underwater world at night is an unforgettable experience: in the beam of your spotlights you’ll discover marine creatures who only come out when the sun goes down. Enjoy this unique and unexpected way of exploring our dive sites. Practical info: 2 hours Contact: Anse Caraïbe Plongée 142 Plage Caraïbe, 97116 Pointe NoireTel.: +590(0) 590 99 90 95E-mail: christine.jasor@orange.fr / christine.jasor@gmail.comWebsite: www.anse-caraibe-plongee-guadeloupeÔ Z’Epices Point de Vue Falaise, 97125 BouillanteTel.: +590 (0)5 90 38 87 61E-mail: cliff-traiteur@live.fr Website: www.ozepices.net