Cultural Tour

Cultural Tour

  • Day 1

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    Welcome to Beauport, “sugar cane country”

    Get an overview of the historical legacy of Grande-Terre and the islands of Guadeloupe! Beauport – a place of remembrance and emotion, now restored and renovated – invites you to experience a journey into “sugar cane country”. You’ll discover how sugar is manufactured through visual and audio exhibits. It’s a fascinating history, tracing the economic development of the entire region. Board the tiny train for a 50-minute excursion through the estate and the wooded areas of northern Grand-Terre. Practical info: 2 hoursContact: Le Pays de la Canne Beauport, 97117 Port-LouisTel.: +590 (0)5 90 22 44 00E-mail: contact@beauportlepaysdelacanne.comWebsite:

  • Day 2

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    The museum of yesteryear

    Art and culture are on the agenda for day 2 of your holiday. Discover the first museum to feature Guadeloupe’s popular arts and traditions, including displays of everyday objects, publications and exhibits showing daily life from the earliest settlers up until the 1960s.Practical info: 1 hourContact: Musée de la Vie d’AntanRue de l’Eglise, 97131 Petit-CanalTel.: +592 (0)5 90 83 33 60

  • Day 3

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    Tracking Native American history

    Pottery, tools, shell and stone jewellery, abandoned villages, funeral rites... it’s impossible to visit the islands of Guadeloupe without lingering over their unique history. Your visit to Le Moule in Grande-Terre includes a stop at the Musée Edgar Clerc, which traces the history of the island’s Native Americans. Visitors get an in-depth look at the various pre-Columbian cultural traditions to be found on Guadeloupe.Practical info: 1 hourContact: Musée Edgar Clerc Route de la Rosette, 97160 Le MouleTel.: +590 (0) 5 90 23 57 57E-mail:

  • Day 4

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    The world’s largest museum devoted to slavery

    Overlooking the Pointe-à-Pitre harbour, on the site of the former Darboussier sugar factory, stands the most ambitious attempt to memorialise the history of slavery anywhere in the world. The Memorial ACTe – the Caribbean Center for Expressions and Memory of the Slave Trade and Slavery – is an interpretive and research center devoted to the slave trade. It’s meant to be “a place for meditation, information and education to help us learn about our shared human history”, and serves as a cultural hub that also plays host to world-class temporary exhibitions.Practical info: 2-1/2 hoursContact: Memorial ACTeDarboussier97110 Pointe-à-Pitre Tel.: +590 (0)590 25 16 00 E-mail:

  • Day 5

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    Guadeloupe’s largest coffee mill!

    Do you need some coffee to regroup after the museum? Learn the secrets to making one of the best coffees on earth, pure arabica, in the biggest coffee mill anywhere in Guadeloupe! Completely restored and renovated to its original appearance, complete with pestles and pulper, and returned to operation with its immense water mill, La Boniferie and its mill has something for every visitor. Located within the Habitation Espérance plantation in Saint-Claude, in the higher elevations of Basse-Terre at the foot of La Soufrière volcano, La Bonifierie is truly a shrine to coffee.Practical info: 1 hourContact: La Bonifierie Section Morin, 97120 Saint ClaudeTel.: +590 (0)5 90 80 06 05E-mail:

  • Day 6

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    A museum estate: the Château Murat

    Discover an ecomuseum unlike any to be found in France. This former sugar plantation was used to grow sugar cane beginning in the early 1800s. During the 20th century, the estate was expanded by the Murat family to include some 30 buildings. Today it is home to a permanent exhibition that describes the history of the island’s inhabitants and showcases the estate’s collections and buildings. It’s a unique site for learning about living conditions for both masters and slaves, and offers a highly educational look at the colonial sugar economy on Marie-Galante. Practical info: 1 hourContact: Château Murat 97112, Grand-Bourg de Marie-GalanteTel.: +590 (0)5 90 97 48 68E-mail: