Top 5 water activities Guadeloupe islands

Top 5 activités nautiques

  • N°1

    Snorkeling in Guadeloupe Islands

    You can't come to Guadeloupe Islands without putting on your flippers to discover the sea bed. The colors of the corals and fishes will fascinate young and old. For an unforgettable excursion, we recommend the Pigeon Island Reserve.

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    Sensations for Kids ...

    In the Guadeloupe Islands, water sports are not only for adults. Paddling in the water is not enough for your children? Let them discover the joys of sailing! Nautical bases exist in many places of the archipelago but we advise you to discover ANASA in Sainte-Anne. While your children are sailing, you can do the same.

  • N°3

    Cycling on the sea

    We propose you to discover an atypical activity which consists in discovering the mangrove, a breathtaking marine ecosystem, on board of the ATV of the sea. This activity is respectful of the environment and will make you discover starfish, mangroves, and fragile reefs.

  • N°4

    Windsurf in Gaudeloupe Islands

    The islands of Guadeloupe have a favorable climate all year round to practice water sports that need wind. Windsurfing is practiced on fabulous spots that offer optimal conditions for those who like strong sensations. Foil and wingfoil are increasingly practiced and equipment for all levels can be rented on site. We recommend you to test the wanalao in Le Moule.

  • N°5

    Surf trip

    Surfing is a very popular activity in the islands of Guadeloupe. This is explained by the diversity of the spots which allow each one to find THE wave which will be appropriate to him. To know more about it, follow Anna's itinerary from Surf and the city who will take you to her favorite spots.