Top 5 of botanical gardens Guadeloupe Islands

Top 5 of gardens

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    Nature is generous in the islands of Guadeloupe. Many gardens allow you to discover the trees, flowers and endemic species of the archipelago.

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    Botanical Garden of Deshaies

    The most famous of our gardens, because of its former owner who was Coluche, is the one of Deshaies. Stroll through its alleys and take pictures in front of the Fromager, discover the pink flamingos and the lorriquets which make the joy of the children.

  • N°2

    Botanical Garden of Valombreuse

    The Valombreuse garden has recently been given a makeover. A train ride in the garden alleys allows you to discover the palm trees, orchids and tropical flowers. The lunch area at the edge of a water reservoir gives a bucolic side to your day.

  • N°3

    Desert botanical Garden

    Arid, prickly, but so rich, the botanical garden of the desert of Désirade keeps a rare species and many others which will make you discover the flora of this land beaten by the winds and the spray of the Atlantic.

  • N°4

    Garden of Fort Napoléon

    The garden of Fort Napoleon offers an incredible panorama on one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Spread over two hectares, the garden is located within the walls of a historic building and contains cacti, agaves, euphorbias, and yuccas among others.

  • N°5

    The water Garden

    The water garden in Goyave is located on the banks of the Rose River. Several aquatic activities are proposed in this garden. At the end of your relaxing moment, you can choose your water plants in the greenhouse.