Top 5 Hiking

Top 5 Hiking

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    For start

    In the islands of Guadeloupe, there is no shortage of hiking routes. The paths are, for many, well marked and maintained. Everyone will find his happiness as a walker in the archipelago because all levels of hiking are possible. It was difficult to establish a top so much our paths are all beautiful... Don't forget that a good walker prepares his excursion!

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    D'Anse Laborde à Porte d'Enfer

    Duration: 5h; Level: Easy; type : One way trip This hike is a portion of what is called the North Grande-Terre loop. It is of geological interest and offers a breathtaking view of the coastline and cliffs. Starting at Anse Laborde, you will follow the Fisherman's Trail to the Pointe de la Grande Vigie. Upon your arrival at the Porte d'Enfer, you will find logs ensuring you a well-deserved rest.

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    The Pond Loop

    Duration: 6 hours; Level: Difficult; Type : Loop This time it is in the tropical forest that the hike takes place. You will go from one pond to another and discover the wetlands of the Basse-Terre. This hike offers the possibility to observe birds in their natural environment. Starting from the Grand Etang, it is a loop linking several bodies of water. Attention, this trail is reserved for people in good physical condition.

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    The Camel

    Duration: 3h30; Level: Medium; Type: Loop The walk to the top of the Camel, is actually the ascent of the highest peak of the Saints. During the whole walk, you will have an incredible view of the archipelago of Les Saintes and the other islands of the archipelago. The ascent is done by a tarred road but forbidden to vehicles while the descent is done on a small path where leaves and stones force you to be well paved.

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    Murat's Path

    Duration: 3h; Level: Easy; Type: loop On the trail, culture is at the rendezvous as you will discover the heritage of the Marie-Galantais with the Habitation Murat and the Mare au Punch. You will cross the cane fields, and discover the ponds and food gardens typical of the island. Beware, during the passage of the Coulée Ouliée, if it rains, the place can be dangerous, otherwise, enjoy the freshness of the site.

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    La Désirade: Montana hiking

    Duration : 1h30 ; Level : Easy ; Type : loop ; Vertical drop : 90 m The Montana trail allows you to discover the very particular geology of La Désirade. You will walk along the geological reserve before arriving at the old weather station whose very particular architecture is signed by Ali-Tur. You will also discover the old cotton mill and it is likely that you will be escorted by iguanas on this trail.