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    For start

    In the Guadeloupe islands, there is an abundance of hiking trails. The paths are well marked and maintained. There is something to suit each type of hiker, no matter the level of expertise. Don't forget that a good hiker prepares his outing in advance! Here is our top 5! 5 islands, three levels of difficulty and different landscapes each time.

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    Grande-Terre : From Anse Laborde to Porte d'Enfer

    Duration: 5h; Level: Easy; Type: One way; positive difference in altitude: +40m This hike is a portion of what is called the North Grande-Terre loop from the coast to the savannahs: here is a nice sample of the archipelago. It is of geological interest and offers a breath-taking view of the coastline and the cliffs. Starting from Anse Laborde, you will follow the Trace des pêcheurs to the Pointe de la Grande Vigie. On arrival at the Porte d'Enfer, you will find pergolas for a well-deserved rest.

  • N°2

    Basse-Terre : La Soufrière

    Duration: 3h30; Level: Difficult; Type: Round trip; Elevation gain: 492 m The hike statrs in the rain forest. Then, the higher you go, the more the vegetation varies until you reach a lunar like landscape. Once you reach the top, known as the Discovery at 1463 metres, sulphur prevails visually and by its smell. You will see fumaroles, walk along the crater and feel the earth vibrate under your feet.

  • N°3

    Le Chameau

    Duration: 3h30; Level: Medium; Type: loop; Elevation gain: 394m The hike to the Camel takes you up to the highest peak of Les Saintes. Throughout the walk, you will have an incredible view of the Saintes archipelago and the other surrounding islands. The climb is on a tarmac road, but vehicles are not allowed, whereas the descent is on a small leaf-scattered, rocky pathway so wear appropriate shoes.

  • N°4

    The Murat Trail

    Duration: 3h; Level: Easy; Type: loop; altitude difference: 98m heritage trail. From the Murat stately Mansion to the Mare au Punch, through the cane fields, numerous ponds and typical foodcrops gardens. Be careful when passing the Coulée Ouliée, if it rains, the place can be dangerous. Otherwise, simply enjoy the coolness of the site.

  • N°5

    La Désirade: Montana Trail

    Duration: 1h30; Level: Easy; Type: loop; Vertical drop: 90 m The Montana trail allows you to discover the very special geology of La Desirade. You will walk along the geological reserve before reaching the old weather station designed by Ali-Tur. You will also discover the old cotton mill and it is likely that you will be escorted along this path by iguanas.