Proposé par Diving Bord de Mer
plage de Petite Anse

97125 Bouillante


How will this pass your diving baptism?

People with respiratory problems such as asthma, heart problems such as heart murmur or neurological problems such as epileptic seizures will need to seek medical advice before taking a diving baptism.
A pregnant woman should not dive just as you should not dive on the day you take the plane. Baptism is possible from 8 years.

If these few recommendations do not concern you, you are ready for the diving baptism!

You will equip yourself in the room on the beach then you will leave by boat on a protected site of the area of ​​Petite anse de Bouillante.
Nicole will start the diving baptism by giving you a brief briefing on the equipment you will be using as well as some basic signs to communicate underwater.
Then comes the diving proper: Nicole will take each candidate to baptism one after the other. It will equip you in the water and you will leave a little moment head in the surface water the time of you get used to the breathing in the reasoning water. Once reassured to find that one breathes very well in the water, Nicole will make you descend gradually. You will have sensations of weightlessness and the feeling of being in the third dimension. Throughout the walk, Nicole will show you all the fauna and marine flora. After 25 to 30 minutes to discover the big blue, the dream stops and it will be necessary to think to go up.

It takes 2h30 for the entire exit from the time of appointment in the center.

If after this first foray into the underwater world you want to go further, ask Nicole to explain to you the formations possible after the baptism (ex: PE12 in three dives).



  • Introduction to scuba_diving
  • Mask
  • Snorkels
  • Flippers


Monday 8-12 | 12-17
Tuesday 8-12 | 12-17
Wednesday 8-12 | 12-17
Thursday 8-12 | 12-17
Friday 8-12 | 12-17
Saturday 8-12 | 12-17
Sunday No activity

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Useful information

  • Participants :

    Not suitable for children younger than 8 years

  • Activity duration:

    2 hours

  • Spoken languages:French