To guarantee the holiday of your dreams, be sure to remember some minor formalities to address before you leave and once you arrive. 

Passports and visas
Guadeloupe is a French territory, so French citizens will need only a currently valid identity card or passport.

If you are an EU or Swiss national, you will be asked to show a currently valid passport (no visa is required), an official identity card or a French carte de séjour.

For nationals of countries that are not members of the European Union, a currently valid passport is required (as well as a visa for certain countries). Americans and Canadians do not need a visa.

To learn more, visit the website for French government services in Guadeloupe (in French):

Post and telecommunications
The current postal rates are the same as those in mainland France, but nothing beats the beautiful multi-colored stamps from Guadeloupe!

The telephone network is automatic throughout Guadeloupe and with mainland France and overseas via satellite.

To call Guadeloupe from...
Mainland France

Dial the six-digit number of the party you’re trying to reach
(e.g., 05 90 xx xx xx).

Outside France
Dial 00 590, followed by the other party’s six-digit number (fixed line).

To place a call from Guadeloupe to...
Mainland France

Dial the 10-digit number of the party you’re trying to reach (e.g., 01 48 xx xx xx).

Other countries
Dial: 00, then the country code, the area code and the number of the party you’re calling.

Useful tip!
Several mobile phone networks offer total coverage across of all Guadeloupe’s islands (900Mhz and 1800Mhz).
In most cases, service providers from mainland France offer continuous service on Guadeloupe for their contract customers. If you’re unsure or you need to activate a feature, we recommend that you contact your mobile service provider directly.

Here is a list of the operators that provide service in Guadeloupe:

Orange Caraïbes:
Tel.: + 590 (0)5 90 38 13 00
Fax: + 590 (0)5 90 38 13 01

Tel.: 08 10 63 56 35

Tel.: 08 11 52 25 55

These operators cover virtually all of Guadeloupe, but for more information, please contact them directly.