The Comité du Tourisme des Îles de Guadeloupe (Guadeloupe Islands Tourism Board) was established on 12 December 2003, at the initiative of the departmental and regional governments, to provide visitors with all the information they need in order to learn more about Guadeloupe and prepare for their travel there. The CTIG’s website contains all the essential information for planning a visit to Guadeloupe, including:
- an interactive map of Guadeloupe,
- a search engine and a list of accommodations and transport options,
- tour operators,
- a description of tourist activities and existing events,
- comprehensive search tools,
- a personal space for saving reservations and points of interest.

To ensure that it is constantly improving the welcome it provides to visitors, in 2016 the CTIG created the Label’Iles label, the first official quality guarantee for accommodations and tourist activities in Guadeloupe. The label gives visitors an easy way to identify tourism businesses that have pledged to comply with multiple criteria regarding comfort and facilities, geographical location, the environment, hospitality and services.

The CTIG has two divisions: “Guadeloupe Tourism” and “Guadeloupe Bonjour”. Each plays a specific role within various organizations.

The Guadeloupe Tourism division
The purpose of the Tourism division is to design promotional and marketing strategies for markets beyond Guadeloupe (France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada and the United States). Working in cooperation with Atout France (the French tourism development agency) and local offices in each market, the Tourism division actively participates in consumer, industry and specialty trade shows, with responsibility for information, communications, press relations and market promotion regarding Guadeloupe.

The Guadeloupe Bonjour division
Drawing on France’s national network of tourist offices, the Bonjour division works to encourage and promote quality hospitality throughout Guadeloupe’s tourism sector, notably through the new Label’Iles quality label. It also provides backing, both in Guadeloupe and elsewhere, for cultural, sporting and other major events taking place on Guadeloupe. In addition, it designs informational and promotional materials and manages the CTIG’s website.

The Europe office
The CTIG’s Europe office (part of the Tourism division) is responsible for promoting Guadeloupe both in France and throughout Europe (Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Sweden and the UK).

Address: 8-10 rue Buffault, 75009 Paris
Tel.: +33(0)1 40 62 99 07
Fax: +33(0)1 40 62 99 08
E-mail: infoeurope@lesilesdeguadeloupe.com