Death in

Death in Paradise

The Guadeloupe Islands, alias Saint Marie

Have you ever watched Death in Paradise? It is a British-French crime drama series produced by the BBC and which is filmed… in the Guadeloupe Islands! The story is about a British detective who tries to discover who killed a British police officer in the fictional Island of Saint Marie.

In the series, this island is a British overseas Territory located in the Caribbean. You can sometimes hear French in the show because Saint Marie is supposed to be a former French Territory.

Most of the episodes occur in the fictional town of Honoré. In real life, this town is actually called Deshaies and is located in Basse-Terre Island.

Death In Paradise has been broadcast on BBC One in the UK since 2011 and is also broadcast in the US on PBS.

Death In Paradise filming locations


In the series: Honoré Police Station (Credit: Death In Paradise)
In real life: Deshaies’ priest office

In the series, the first detective is murdered in Deshaies’ Botanical Garden


In the series: Catherine's Bar (Credit: Death In Paradise)
In real life: La Kaz and le Madras in Deshaies
In the series: Sainte-Marie Zoo (Credit: Death In Paradise)
In real life: Guadeloupe Islands Zoo

During shootings, the cast stays at Langley Fort Royal Hotel and some scenes are also filmed there.