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Marie-Galante by bike

Marie-Galante: paradise beaches and cultural sites

Covering an area of 158 km², the Marie-Galante island, also known as "la galette" or "l'île aux 100 moulins", is renowned for its heavenly white sand beaches and turquoise waters, attracting visitors in search of tranquility and natural beauty. The island is also famous for its rum factories, producing quality agricultural rum. Agriculture, in particular sugar cane cultivation, plays an essential role in the island's economy. Remains of mills and colonial houses are reminders of the island's rich historical past. The inhabitants, nicknamed "les Galantais", are warm-hearted and attached to their heritage.

Charles Ouimet has created a 50 km itinerary, with a positive altitude difference of 473 meters.



Here are the points of interest not to be missed :
🚲 Start : Port de Grand-bourg
→ KM 9 : Petite-anse beach
 KM 10 : Capesterre-de-Marie-Galante murals
 KM 11 : Morne des Péres climb (ascent)
 KM 15 : Centrale Éolienne
 KM 28 : Gueule Grand Gouffre (viewpoint) 
→ KM 33 : Vieux-Fort beach
→ KM 42 : Poisson rum factory
→ KM 48: Habitation Roussel-Trianon (viewpoint)
🚲 Finish : Port de Grand-bourg


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