A surfer

The Guadeloupe Islands swarm with good breaks as it receives a large range of swells generated in turn by the Northern Atlantic depressions and trade winds. A fabulous and unique surf and kitesurf destination with French Flair, European standards and warm waters all year round.

Surf trip

  • Day 1

    Le Helleux

    The Helleux is the most accessible spot of the archipelago. On a pebble beach, the peak is only a few meters from the entrance in the water. Surf schools and equipment rentals are present on the beach. Three peaks, from the easiest to the most difficult, border the beach. This is a kids friendly spot, lessons are available and families can surf and enjoy swimming at the same time.

  • Day 2

    Nice spot in Saint-François

    Relax why discovering a nice spot on Saint-François. The wave is located between the port and the “Raisins Clairs” beach. The launching is easy and the coral reef is safe. Here, surfing feels right. The wave allows beginners to earn their stripes and confirmed surfers to have fun. An ideal spot for longboarders.

  • Day 3

    Cool vibes in Basse-Terre

    There is nothing like discovering Basse-Terre with the Bananier spot. This is THE spot of the Atlantic coast of the Basse-Terre. We recommend it for the first days because it is a safe beach break on a sand cove. The only one on the archipelago. Black sand beach, coconut trees and cool atmosphere are guaranteed here! In addition, the beach restaurant will allow you to taste the local flavors. So get your boards ready, get set and surf!

  • Day 4

    The Spot

    In an absolutely idyllic setting, four waves offer themselves to the surfer. For the less experienced, the wave in Anse du Souffleur and the one in front of the watchtower are the most accessible. For those with more experience, the Pointe-d'Antigue wave and the “Surgeon's wave” are the most famous. Attention, inquire about the conditions, the spot only works during the winter months when the northern swell makes its appearance: from November to March.

  • Day 5

    La Chapelle

    This reef spot is located on the beautiful beach of La Chapelle. Like Port-Louis, the spot only works during the North swells. Two waves, one right / left, accessible to all, on the right side of the beach. And a left one, very close to the reef, dedicated to confirmed surfers. The current can sometimes be strong on this spot. You will find a family spot with restaurants, showers and a parking lot nearby.

  • Day 6

    Le Moule

    Le Moule spot is the most popular one among experienced surfers, as well as among the ones who came to discover surfing in Guadeloupe. Once in the water, the hard part is to pass the reef, however after this point the wave allows everyone to have fun. This spot, exposed to the Atlantic Ocean, sees some intense hollow waves, it is popular with shortboarders and professionals/ semi-professionals.

  • Day 7

    La Bouelle

    A magnificent and wild spot which sees its waves rolling down a cliff. It offers waves with beautiful volumes of water and an interesting size on certain days. Longboarders and shortboarders will both be satisfied. Attention, entering and exiting this spot remain complicated. It is necessary for beginners to be accompanied because the exit is made by a small passage that one must know. Otherwise you might miss it. It is an interesting spot, wild and difficult to access, therefore not very crowded with a right and as well as a left.

  • Day 8

    La caravelle

    What could be more magnificent than surfing in turquoise water facing a beach lined with coconut trees? This is what La Caravelle spot offers. Three waves are located in front of the beautiful beach of Club Med, they will delight intermediate as well as confirmed surfers. You will find two waves on the side of the seawall, as well as a wave called the “surgical table”, a reference to the sometimes bloody wipe out on the reef. A good 20 minutes of rowing will take you to fast waves which bring you directly on the reef. Precautions to be taken to finish the waves.

  • Day 9

    Petit Havre

    The spot of Petit-Havre is ideal for surfers leaving their spouse and/or child(ren) on the beach. Indeed, a shaded cove full of charm allows those who do not practice to sit comfortably while the surfer enjoys a reef wave where he will rub shoulders with bodyboarders.