Green, blue, red, black, your look will not know where to turn to, so much Basse-Terre is beautiful. Climb the Soufrière, enthrall yourself at the Deshaies sunset. Discover our Amerindian ancestors and leave with the desire of more.

More about Basse-Terre

More about  Basse-Terre

Basse-Terre is set on a volcano range, topped by La Soufrière, at the heart of dense tropical vegetation. The 17,000 hectares of rainforest that cover the mountain range form part of the National Park, which includes many hiking trail.
Follow one of the many marked hiking trails – some of which are easily accessible – and discover a rich ecosystem with an impressive number of endemic species. In this lush setting with breathtaking waterfalls, a thousand and one friendly species are begging for your attention. Adding to its natural charm, Basse-Terre is also surrounded by white, black, gold as well as pink sandy beaches.



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Basse-Terre Cities

Sainte-Rose, Deshaies, Trois-Rivières, Basse-Terre, Petit-Bourg…Between sea, mountains and rivers, Basse-Terre towns will make you discover enchanting landscapes, as well as their rich French Caribbean culture.

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