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Grande Terre


Live out your dream

From the north to the south, everything is about enchantment and exploration. At the centre of the sugar cane production, Grande-Terre offers a unique rich heritage. If you enjoy relaxing, tranquil and delicately shaded white sand beaches await you. Grande-Terre is set on a vast limestone plateau bordered by turquoise lagoons which share the coastline with amazing surfing spots and unforgettable landscapes. This plateau is ideally suited to sugar cane plantations, which cover most of the island. It offers many restaurants and hotels that line the Riviera and bear witness to the Art of French-Creole Cuisine and is famous for its vibrant Caribbean nights.

Basse Terre


Experience its true nature

Basse-Terre is set on a volcano range, topped by La Soufrière, at the heart of dense tropical vegetation. The 17,000 hectares of rainforest that cover the mountain range form part of the National Park, which includes many hiking trail.
Follow one of the many marked hiking trails – some of which are easily accessible – and discover a rich ecosystem with an impressive number of endemic species. In this lush setting with breathtaking waterfalls, a thousand and one friendly species are begging for your attention. Adding to its natural charm, Basse-Terre is also surrounded by white, black, gold as well as pink sandy beaches.

La Désirade

La Désirade

A natural object of desire

Nicknamed “The Forgotten”, La Désirade, is the oldest island of the Lesser Antilles, making it a geological natural reserve, which seems away from time.
Tranquility and simplicity are the characteristics of this island. Superb white sand beaches, protected by long coral reefs attract snorkelers and swimmers.
A stone throw away from La Désirade, discover the untouched Petite-Terre islands, also listed as natural reserve.

Les Saintes

Les Saintes

Paradise by the sea!

Les Saintes is formed by nine unspoiled islands, two of which are inhabited.
Terre de Haut is surrounded by a bay, which is a member of the UNESCO’s Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club. Terre de Bas has also plenty to offer: the beautiful Grande-Anse beach is well worth the detour.
Les Saintes’ culinary specialties are the products of passion: do not leave without having tasted the traditional “Tourment d’Amour” cake. Perfect for romantics.

Marie Galante


The island of rum

In the “Land of the best rums in the world” , hop in an ox cart and explore the sugar cane plantations on your way to a breathtaking white sand and turquoise water beach.
Stop at one of the exquisite restaurants run by incredibly talented local chefs.…Welcome to Marie-Galante, the DNA of Guadeloupe Islands!