An ecotourist

The Guadeloupe Islands, an Eco-Friendly Destination

Since January 1st, 2020, the Guadeloupe Islands banned the use of disposable plastic products such as cups, plates, utensils, cotton swabs and more.

The French Caribbean archipelago, a proud UNESCO Biosphere Reserve since 1992

Natural Splendour « A Wealth of Experiences »
With 77% of its territories classified as a Natural Reserve, the Guadeloupe Islands are definitely an Eco-Tourism destination. Environmental interests have always been at the heart of the concerns of Guadeloupe’s authorities, who set up the protection of the ecological heritage as a priority: over 30 years of protecting sea turtles, national days dedicated to cleaning sea beds, the coastline and rivers. 


Deep beneath the sea into a silent world, you are at one with the aquatic environment and are able to explore unforgettable landscapes, particularly in the Cousteau Reserve: coral garden, angelfish and more.

Over twenty diving clubs offer an introduction to diving, courses and certificates.

Not be missed: wrecks on the Côte sous le vent, stingrays in the south of Grande-Terre, submarine canyons in la Desirade, and whales passing in the Canal des Saintes from March to April.

Guadeloupe Aquarium

One of the most visited museums in the archipelago, the aquarium has joined the school of the sea (ECOTOUR) to offer ecological discovery courses: a day course in which you can learn about a particular biotope in the island’s marine environment in a fun and interactive way. Perfect for kids!

Hiking Trails

Les écrevisses With over 110 miles of hiking trails spread all over the archipelago, the Guadeloupe Islands can easily be explored on foot!

One of the most scenic hike is La Soufriere, a gently active volcano, reaching 4800 ft! Start your climb at the famous hot spring “Les Bains Jaunes”, and make your way through the rainforest by taking the trail “Le Pas du Roy” .

Once you have reached the bottom of the volcano, the path “Chemin des Dames” will take you all the way to the top. This hike will take you about 4h30, so if you are looking for a less athletic option, you can choose to take the trail “Maison de la Foret” and then follow the path “Saut d’Eau de Matouba”, this route should take you about 2h30.

Horseback riding

Bassin Paradise Riding a horse is the perfect way to discover the archipelago while staying in harmony with nature!

The Guadeloupe Islands offer many sites for horseback riding, among the best are: “Le Haras” in St Francois, the “ Domaine de Belle Plaine” and “Les Attelages du Comté” in Sainte Rose, and the “Ranch des Deux Ilets” in Deshaies.


Les trois cornes Canoeing, Kayaking or pedal boating ?
Those three crafts will allow you to go from islet to islet in a playful way! Explore the mangrove and the lagoons of the archipelago, and admire the corals, the tropical fish and the wrecks. A perfect way to discover the water world without damaging it!

Whale Watching

Les chutes moreau About fifteen species of cetacean (toothed whale, whale, humpback whale, pilot whale…) are present in our waters, some of them, migrate part of the year to cooler waters. Three clubs in the archipelago will allow you to observe cetaceans in their natural environments: les Heures Saines, and Evasion Tropicales in Bouillante, and Stenella in Saint-François. The guarantee of an unforgettable experience!