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Small committee: 12 passengers
Discover the 15,000 hectare Grand Cul de sac Marin lagoon, where some areas have been classified as nature reserves since 1987. Our authorization allows us to head for these less frequented islets, in the national park, far from the beaten track.
Sail through the most beautiful landscapes of Guadeloupe in a day trip in three stages. You will discover the large marine ecosystems that are the mangrove, the sea grass beds and the coral reef. The crew, trained by the national park, will be able to answer your questions and share their knowledge according to your mood!

First stop: Caret Island sandbank

Surrounded by crystal-clear water, the Caret Island sandbank is a paradise par excellence. It is made up of dead corals from the long 30-kilometer barrier reef located 100 meters away.
Equipped with your mask, you will already be able to observe an impressive aquatic fauna which nests in the herbariums (lambis, lobsters, starfish, tropical fishes...).
The herbariums are aquatic plants. Their role is primordial in the balance of the lagoon because the herbariums serve as shelter and food for living beings, they stabilize coastal sediments, clarify the water... Good snorkeling behavior contributes to their survival.
After this first adventure, the captain will taste his homemade planter!

Second stage: snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef

A real protection barrier for thousands of animal and plant species, the coral reef delimits a breeding and abundant living environment.
Snorkeling in the nature reserve on the reef is spectacular. It is only at a few meters depth that you will observe this underwater forest. Parrot fish, Surgeon, Chest and and d in the Grand Cul de Sac Marin.

But beware, this corner of paradise is in danger and must be respected. Appropriate snorkeling behavior is required from our passengers.

Third stage: mangrove of Fajou Island

Also classified as a nature reserve, it is the largest mangrove island in the bay (115 hectares). The mangrove is formed of mangroves. Their aerial roots form refuges for all the fauna of the zone. Nearly a hundred species of crustaceans and fish have been recorded here, most of them juveniles.
It is also a privileged site for birds and turtles that come here to reproduce.

After the meal, you can paddle and kayak to the mangrove and observe all these aquatic treasures!
Sunbathing and inflatable buoys are also at your disposal for a well-deserved rest!



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