The Volcano
La Soufriere

The volcano of the Guadeloupe Islands

Discovering the volcano of the Guadeloupe Islands, La Soufrière

The Guadeloupe Islands, the jewel of the Caribbean, is home to one of the region's most fascinating natural treasures: the Soufrière volcano, affectionately nicknamed "The Old Lady". Located on the island of Basse-Terre, this majestic active volcano offers a unique experience to visitors in search of adventure and exceptional discoveries.


At 4 813 ft, it is the highest peak in the Lesser Antilles.

At 4 813 ft, 'La Soufrière' is a Pelean volcano, characterized by dynamic volcanic activity, geothermal phenomena and gas emissions. Unlike explosive volcanoes, which are often associated with particularly violent eruptions, the Pelean type is more inclined to produce eruptions of lesser intensity.

'La Soufrière', although quiet in its current phase, retains an active status that adds a fascinating dimension to the exploration of its slopes. Past eruptions have helped shape the surrounding landscape, creating unique rock formations and nourishing the fertile soil that attracts a diversity of plants and flora..



Hiking through lush nature

'La Soufrière' offers a variety of hiking trails for all levels. The Pas du Roy trail, ideal for beginners, offers a picturesque stroll through lush tropical vegetation in the heart of Guadeloupean nature.

For an immersive and safe walking experience, a local guide is recommended. He or she will share with you their knowledge of the flora and fauna of the trails, allowing you to learn with every step. Opting for a sworn guide offers access to the dome, normally off-limits, with gas masks provided.

Adventurers can opt for the arduous ascent of the Soufrière Trail offering breathtaking views at the summit of the crater. The duration of the Soufrière climb depends on the trail chosen and the pace of the hike. On average, you should allow 3-4 hours to reach the summit. The trails offer varied panoramas, from lush forests to steep ridges, making each stage an adventure in itself.



Hot springs, sulfur and geothermal energy

Surrondings La Soufrière, nature reveals another of its treasures: hot springs with thermal properties. Visitors can relax in these waters naturally heated by the volcano's geothermal activity. It's a soothing and comforting experience, offering a pleasant contrast after a day of exploration.

At the summit of La Soufrière, the presence of sulfur is obvious. Fumaroles emit vapours laden with this mineral, creating a unique atmosphere. As well as adding to the mystique of the place, sulfur is renowned for its health benefits. Some claim that inhaling the fumes has health benefits.


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