Les Saintes

Les Saintes



Initially christened “Los Santos” by Christopher Columbus and known as Lésent in Creole, Les Saintes – the “Gibraltar of the Antilles” – didn’t become French until October 18, 1648. Located to the south of Guadeloupe, the archipelago of Les Saintes is famed for its beauty and the incredible clarity of its water!

It consists of nine tiny islands, but only two are inhabited, Terre-de-Haut and Terre-de-Bas. The other seven are uninhabited: Cabrit, Grand-Îlet, La Coche, Les Augustins, La Redonde, Le Pâté, Les Roches Percées. Once the site of bloody battles between the French and English fleets, Les Saintes now offers an idyllic setting for a tranquil holiday.

Les Saintes Les Saintes


Les Saintes

Made from the earth with love

Terre-de-Haut is the southernmost part of Guadeloupe. For many years it had strategic value for military purposes. Now the most visited of Guadeloupe’s islands, “Tèdého” offers an ideal setting for a holiday.

Terre-de-Haut offers wide-ranging appeal, from its charming multi-coloured houses to its small fishing port and the majestic Fort Napoléon, which bears witness to Guadeloupe’s dramatic history. The island’s first inhabitants, arriving from Brittany and Normandy, began a long tradition of fishing from dinghies known as “santoises”, which are still in use today and add to the island’s distinctive character.

Try the island’s celebrated sugar loaf (considered the Seventh Wonder of the World!) and local specialties such as the delicate tart with a coconut filling known as a “tourment d’amour”. If you’re seeking a tranquil, authentic experience and locally made products, Terre-de-Haut is the right place!

Size522 HA

Number of inhabitants1 729

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Les Saintes

The Salako island

Famous for its allspice plantation, the only one of its kind in Guadeloupe, Terre-de-Bas was long overlooked in favour of nearby Terre-de-Haut, but today it’s enjoying a renaissance thanks to its many tourist attractions.

From the beach at Grande-Anse to the Petite-Anse district, which also serves as the island’s administrative center, everything on Terre-de-Bas serves as an invitation to relax.

Whether you’re an occasional hiker or a pro, you can find a trail that suits you. Beginners might choose the Dessus de l’Etang (45 minutes), while the really adventurous hikers will want to try the Trace des Falaises (3 hours)!

Whether you’re visiting Saint Nicholas church with its unconventional roof resembling an overturned boat, the beach at Grande-Anse, the ruins of the Grand Baie pottery works or the small fishing port at Petite-Anse, remember to wear your Salako (a traditional fishing hat) and inhale – you’re on Terre-de-Bas!

Size945 HA

Number of inhabitants1 269

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