Under water
Underwater view

Under water

Underwater view of the Guadeloupe Islands

Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, the Guadeloupe Islands offer a rich and diverse tropical marine biodiversity. Between mangroves, lagoons, coral reefs and ilets, our archipelago's marine heritage invites underwater enthusiasts to marvel at the waters, which fluctuate between 25 and 28°C all year round.


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Underwater trekking

Most of the archipelago's beaches are snorkel-friendly, allowing you to enjoy the spectacle of underwater life.

Many clubs and tour operators also offer snorkeling excursions adapted to your level. These dedicated activities allow everyone to discover the shallow seabed, and it's not uncommon to spot sea turtles.

Whether you're on your own or accompanied by a guide, enjoy a moment of peace and wonder that's accessible to all..

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Scuba diving

Discover all the benefits of diving


Surrounded by water, diving is total immersion in an aquatic environment in conditions of optimal temperature and calm. Like an awakening from our fetal state, the mastery of breathing required during diving inevitably boosts our self-confidence and helps us cope better with stress.

The underwater scenery that unfolds before our astonished eyes during diving, coupled with conscious breathing, gives us healthy fatigue, enabling deep, restorative sleep.

An underwater activity that promotes a perfect state of mindfulness, enabling the diver to focus on the present moment and clear away negative thoughts. All these characteristics are similar to meditation.

If you want to build up the muscles in your lower limbs, diving is the ideal activity. With trauma and stress greatly reduced thanks to weightlessness, diving helps to sheath your abdominal girdle, buttocks and back. Lower blood pressure, greater flexibility... diving has many physical benefits.

/ !\ Cardiac activity is more demanding when diving, so it's essential to have a medical check-up before diving.


Diving in the Guadeloupe Islands


Our islands have the largest coral reef in the Lesser Antilles: 29km, home to almost 60 species of coral, as well as sponges and gorgonians. It's the richest and most diverse coral reef in the Lesser Antilles.

It is also home to some 250 species of fish that depend directly on it. It's a natural habitat for marine species.

The Islands of Guadeloupe are a paradise for exploring underwater wonders in all their diversity. For all levels, beginners, experienced divers and underwater biology enthusiasts.

Diving spots


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