The ideal suitcase

Once you’ve purchased your airfare and reserved a hotel room, packing your suitcase is the last and most important step before leaving. We know packing’s a chore for many of you, so follow our tips to be sure you have nothing to worry about!

The average temperature in Guadeloupe is 27°C. Therefore, bring lightweight clothing made of cotton or linen. We also recommend one outfit that is more formal, for evening events or visits to places of worship.

For hiking in the forest, remember to bring good walking shoes and a lightweight rain jacket.
If you take medication, remember to bring an adequate supply of your medications that will last your entire holiday. For longer trips, obtain more information from your physician or the vaccination centre, which can tell you more about local medical or pharmaceutical resources.

What not to forget!

A hat, sunglasses, sun cream and insect repellent!
If you have electronic devices, don’t worry! The current is 220 volts / 50 hertz, the same as in France.