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Grande Terre


Live out your dream

White sand, coconut trees, turquoise lagoons... Let yourself go by the charms of the fascinating Grande-Terre. You will be seduce by the multiple facets of this island. At the heart of markets, diurnal as well as nocturnal, you will discover the specialities and fragrances of the Caribbean. Aquatics, terrestrials or aerials, the leisure activities are available to suit your desires. And, because Grande-Terre is not only beaches... museums, concerts and exhibitions will make you thrill at the rhythm of the West Indies. Farniente, gastronomy, entertainment, astonishing hikings, everything will fascinate you in Grande-Terre !

Basse Terre


Experience its true nature

Majestic, la Vieille Dame -as we like to call the Soufrière- dominates la Basse-Terre. On the steep slopes, rivers and waterfalls cross the tropical forest and offer a show of a mind-blowing nature.There are also beaches where the complete colours palette of sand is available: from black to white, by way of ochre and pink , the coastline offers as many landscapes as beaches. Historically, the first one inhabited by the europeans, this island of the archipelago has an inheritance as rich as its nature. Dive in the world of coffee, cocoa or vanilla in the dwelling that have cross the centuries.

La Désirade

La Désirade

A natural object of desire

Ahead in the Atlantic ocean, this surprising archipelago seems to challenge the large ocean. From the Pointe Doublé, where a lighthouse is raised, till the peebles which scrutinize the Pointe-des-châteaux, 11 kilometers allow to grasp the beauty of La Désirade. Two reserves find their jewellery box: from one part the geological reserve of the semi-precious stones, to the other, the reserve of the two islands of Petite-Terre that will offer you your Robinson dream. Taste the sweetness of a punch with cashew sirup on the Fifi's Beach and let yourself go by the sweetness of the desired island.

Les Saintes

Les Saintes

Paradise by the sea!

9 hamlets erect in the south-est of the Basse-Terre. 2 inhabited and seven stills savages: the all composes Les Saintes. Heading for the fishing and tourism activities, the entire archipelago has succeed in the difficult bet of making coexist walkers and traditions of Les Saintes. The charm of this islands is in its astounding landscape. Terre-de-Haut is part of the club of the most beautiful bays in the world. The fishermen boats and fish traps enrish the decor. The one who comes to les Saintes cannot leave without its Salako and tourment d'amour (traditional pastry)...

Marie Galante


The island of rum

La galette as we call it, land of authenticity, makes the traveller hesitate between enjoying the white sand littoral and the translucent waters and its distilleries know-how. It's not unusual in Marie-Galante to bump into oxcarts transporting sugar canes. The island has been successfull in keeping its traditions and putting in relief its inheritance as in Murat or at Roussel-Trianon. The sunset is enjoyable with a ti-punch at Henri's in Saint-Louis or at the Sunset in Grand Bourg. Then you will taste a bébélé which is going to make you want to stay there, in Marie-Galante...