Where to dive
In Guadeloupe Islands

Where to dive in the Guadeloupe Islands?

Where to dive in the Guadeloupe Islands?

In the Guadeloupe Islands, diving is adapted to all levels and all desires. The warm waters of the archipelago, the coral shades and hues and the teeming fish make diving very pleasant. There are many safe spots for peaceful practice. The local diving instructors supervise both first dives and exploratory dives on wrecks or remarkable deep water sites.

First dive spots...

In the archipelago, you may go into the water with a mask and snorkel in shallow waters at almost all beaches. The diving centres, usually called “clubs”, all offer first dives. Many also provide offshore snorkelling for those who are afraid of actual dives. These activities, dedicated to the less experienced, enable everyone to discover the underwater world and it is not unusual to spot sea turtles.


Snorkeling at îlets Pigeon Discover Basse-Terre
Snorkeling at Port-Louis Discover Grande-Terre
Snorkeling at Les Saintes Discover Les Saintes


If you choose the take a great leap in the blue and dive with a tank for your first bubbles, you will be fitted out and briefed by an instructor before leaving the beach or on board a boat that will take you to the diving spot. Our instructors have a great knowledge of underwater species and love to share it. First dives are possible for children from 8 years old and special spots are used for first deep water dives under water.


First dives Saint-François Grande-Terre
First Dives Les îlets Pigeon Basse-Terre
First Dives Saint-Louis Marie-Galante


For experienced divers...

THE GUADELOUPE ISLANDS offer diving enthusiasts optimal conditions for experienced divers. The spots are generally not crowded and the sea temperature, never below 27°, allows for comfortable diving.
The most famous dive on our islands is the Sec-Pâté. It is an almost mythical dive. Halfway between the Saintes archipelago and Basse-Terre, it consists of three rocky peaks rising from a depth of 150 metres. The first is at -14 metres and the deepest at -38 metres. This dive requires at least a PE 40 or a level 2.
Although the Sec Pâté is often considered the must-see dive spot on the archipelago, there are other remarkable spots. Wrecks such as the Franjack or the Gustavia, off Bouillante, but also the Aircraft off Port-Louis are magnificent dives. Less well known and yet breath-taking, the arches off Port-Louis are like underwater rock tunnels that impress even the most experienced divers. 
In Marie-Galante, divers like to dive between January and April because often, in solitary spots, diving is done to the sound of whales singing.
If you like quiet small groups, you will surely meet Olivier at La Desirade to discover the Kachacou wreck 17 metres deep or the cathedrals 20 metres deep.
All these dives enable you to discover an extremely rich underwater fauna and flora. Thus, you will discover gorgonians and sponges, corals, turtles, angel fish, barracudas, rays, etc...




Dive on le Franjack Bouillante Basse-Terre
Dive on the aircraft Port-Louis Grande-Terre
Dive on le Sec-Pâté between les Saintes and la Basse-Terre Basse-Terre, Les Saintes



Each of our islands provides this activity. The emblematic spot of the archipelago remains that of the îlets Pigeon, in Bouillante. There, the boats leave from Malendure beach to take you, depending on your level, either to the islets or to the wrecks. 
Port-Louis, La Désirade and Marie-Galante are less frequented and therefore offer exceptional diving conditions with the assurance of preserved fauna and flora.
In Les Saintes, La Dive, Bouteille and Pisquette will help you discover the awesome underwater scenery.
Finally, from Gourbeyre (Infini Plongée) and Vieux-Fort (Inspiration Plongée) you will discover the coasts of the South-Basse-Terre, less known but so remarkable.