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Waterfalls of the Guadeloupe Islands

Waterfalls of Guadeloupe Islands

THE GUADELOUPE ISLANDS have a tropical climate and a dense hydrographic network. However, the archipelago is unevenly rich in water. Basse-Terre is mostly a rain forest, nurturing an extremely complex setup of streams, waterfalls, cascades, jumps and pools for adventurous hikers. The walks and trails to these places are of varying degrees of difficulty. Hikers should learn about the rain forest specificities before setting off for the lush green canopy.

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The most famous waterfalls of the Guadeloupe Islands

Les chutes du Carbet The Chutes du Carbet (Carbet Falls)are undoubtedly the most famous waterfalls in the Guadeloupe Islands. Located in Capesterre Belle-Eau, they are actually 3 separate waterfalls. The first is the highest, 115 metres high. The second is the easiest and remains a favourite attraction due to its accessibility. The third is the shortest but only experienced hikers can reach it. At 20 metres high, it is the waterfall with the highest flow rate in the archipelago. The Carbet Falls are famous because they are described in the logbooks of Christopher Columbus.
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Le Saut d'Acomat Located in Pointe-Noire, the Saut d'Acomat is a popular place local youth galvanized by the 9 metres high jump into a splendid pool. The walk to get there is quick, 15 minutes will get you  to the pool, whose colour will impress even the spot’s regulars. It is of course essential to check that no trees or branches are submerged before jumping off the rocks.
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Le saut de la Lézarde The Saut de la lézarde is a unique place. The waterfall flows into a spacious pool in the middle of a round rocky setting that looks designed just for the waterfall. The dense lush canopy is like a movie decor. The walk to get there is on a slightly muddy path on the hillsides of Petit-Bourg. It is a 1 hour round trip; the place is well worth the effort! While you are there, we advise you to spend some time at the Brasserie de la Lézarde (Brewery). So comforting after the walk!
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Les écrevisses The crayfish pool, just off the 2 pitons rainforest road is the easiest accessible waterfall in the archipelago. From the parking lot, useful signage will guide you through the lush flora along the short path to reach there. A 10-minute walk along a delineated shady pathway will take you to the ten-metre-high waterfall. As this walk is very easy, it is generally recommended for families with young children who can enjoy both the short walk and easy bathing. Alternatively, the garden of Valombreuse also offers access to a waterfall suitable to families with young children.
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Bassin Paradise On the way up to the Carbet Falls, you can choose to stop at the Paradise Pool. Access to this walk is minimal but very well marked. It will take you only 15 minutes to the crystalline waters in which a waterfall rushes. The depth of the pool invites the most daring to jump. A few metres below, small pools of warm water and natural slides are a delight for everyone. After these cooling forest respites, we suggest, on your way out, to stop at Longueteau rum factory. The distillery in Capesterre-Belle-Eau is wide open to visitors.
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Les trois cornes Le saut des Trois Cornes, in Sainte-Rose, is an easy walk, although longer than the two previous ones. At the foot of the waterfall, nature offers you a free facial mist in a splendid setting. The vegetation on this walk is remarkable. Incense woods, white gum trees and impressive buttress trees (sloanea caribea) line the path. It’s also a bird watchers delight. Once out of the forest, make sure to stop by Clara’s in Sainte-Rose for a bite. Right on the fishing port, taste, and sample high quality Creole cuisine in a legendary atmosphere.
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Les chutes moreau The Moreau Falls are actually three waterfalls. The main jump is 100 metres high. These falls are less known, and therefore less frequented because they are more difficult to access. Indeed, only intermediate to skilled hikers venture along the 6 kilometre track with many river crossings. But, for those who can, we recommend these falls as the place is so magical. After such a walk, it goes without saying that a good restaurant is essential! We advise you to have lunch by Tico, on the port. No pretence, just jovial welcome and traditional family-oriented tasty food.
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cascade bassin bleu guadeloupe The Bassin Bleu, just by its name, is a call to reverie. At an altitude of 650 metres, this pool promises translucent and invigorating water. It is fed by several waterfalls, one of which offers the opportunity to slide down the pool like in a toboggan.  The large, smooth boulders make you feel like in a movie setting. For the more courageous, if you go up the river, other pools and waterfalls await you. Leaving the place, and heading towards the town of Gourbeyre you can stop at the Table Creole.
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bras de fort LThe Bras de Fort walk, in the parish of Goyave, is one of the waterfalls we like to recommend. Indeed, the walk is so varied that it is like of the wonders of Guadeloupe Islands in a nutshell. You will start by going across a local farm, then you will walk along a forest path and finish by going up the river. This walk of less than an hour and takes you to a pretty waterfall offering easy swimming. The waterfall rushes over boulders and ends up in a small pool, which in turn feeds a large one. In Goyave, water is a precious resource and it even has its own garden, so don't hesitate to visit the Water Garden. visiter le Jardin d'Eau.
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