The Most beautiful beaches
In Guadeloupe Islands

The must beautiful beaches of the Guadeloupe Islands

The most beautiful beaches of the Guadeloupe Islands

THE GUADELOUPE ISLANDS is more than 400 km sea shorelines. You cannot but fall for a beach that will make it hard for you to leave the archipelago. Some have white, some black and others pink sand, but they all call for a swim. Tropical islands immediately suggest long white sandy beaches shaded by coconut palm trees, but we have our little secret bays  too. No need to seek for the shot, it's right here! No need for Instagram filters to make your pics beautiful, the natural colours of the sea and the sand are enough! Swimming is easy and it is highly recommended to bring your scuba  mask for snorkeling. Many of our beaches also offer a variety of water sports such as kayaking, windsurfing, paddle boarding and traditional sailing! 
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Most famous beaches

The beaches of Sainte-Anne and Saint-François are certainly the best known. La Caravelle, Bois-Jolan and the Bourg beach in Sainte-Anne; La Coulée, Raisins Clairs and Anse à la Gourde in Saint-François are places that are highly scenic. All six are turquoise lagoons overlooking the Atlantic and all six are great places for children to splash in the clear, shallow water.
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In Northern Grande-Terre, the beaches of Anse du Souffleur in Port-Louis and La Chapelle in Anse-Bertrand are beaches where water sports activities are numerous. Surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, jet skiing, and other activities enable you to enjoy a magnificent backdrop of Basse-Terre. Taking the seashore trail that links all these beaches you will discover the breath-taking sea spray jets.
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On the Caribbean side, the sand at Grande-Anse in Deshaies offers majestic arm colours. In daylight, it looks orange, while at dusk it turns pink to match the sunset. No child should be left unattended here because of the high sea breakers. The beaches at Sainte-Rose are also a must!
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Much more intriguing, our black sand beaches should not be missed Grande-Anse in Trois-Rivières, Malendure in Bouillante and Bananier in Capesterre-Belle-Eau are atypical places with unique charm. Bananier, a surf spot, is also the favourite playground for kiddies who can splash and waddle safely into the waves while you eat at the Rivage overlooking the Saintes.
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The beaches of Désirade

La Desirade is a long string of white sand beaches. If you vvant a huge white sand beach, under shady coconut trees, you will love the beach at Fifi and the Souffleur. If you prefer a cocoon beach, small but pleasant, then Petite Riviere will suit you.  The charm of La Desirade lies in the succulent restaurants right in the sand in the main island. We can't talk about the beaches of Desirade without mentioning the beach of the offshore  islets of Petite-Terre, a subdivision of the main island. A long white sandy beach on a remote islet, the epitome of paradise.
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The beaches of Marie-Galante


The three cities of Marie-Galante offer heavenly beaches. They are often compared with Mauritius or the Maldives. Indeed, the colours are incredibly pure: turquoise water, white sand! The advantage on this island is that each beach has its own charm and use. The beaches of Grand-Bourg and Saint-Louis are a favourite playground for children, who can swim and build castles in shallow peaceful waters. For kite-surfers, windsurfers and windfoilers, the beach at Capesterre de Marie-Galante is the best place. And for a swim and nap make sure to go to Anse Canot.
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The beaches of Les Saintes

The most famous beach in Les Saintes is undoubtedly the Pain de Sucre beach. However, other heavenly and exotic beaches are available to travellers. Pompierre Bay, Crawen Beach and Fond Curée Beach are all beautiful beaches with their own identity. The bay of Pompierre is impressive because it is almost a laguna because of the rocky peaks surrounding it. Les Saintes, it is also the beaches of Terre-de-Bas vvith unequalled quietness…
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