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Advises for hikers


In GUADELOUPE ISLANDS, more than a hundred walking and hiking tracks have been identified, developed, and marked out. On the paths open to the public, everything is done to guarantee safety along the tracks. However, hikers are responsible for their own safety. It is therefore advisable to stay on the chosen itinerary and to follow the signage. Courtesy and respect for other hikers are a required. The areas you walk through are protected, so do not leave any rubbish behind.



The 10 commandments of the good hiker!


I) Select your tour


The tropical climate makes physical effort more intense. It is therefore important to choose your route according to your capacities and not to overestimate yourself.

II) S'assurer de son itinéraire


ABefore setting off, find out about the condition of the route you have chosen from specialised organisations or the Tourist Offices. Take a recent map and consult the website dedicated to hiking: Rando Guadeloupe :


If you choose a difficult route, it is strongly recommended that you contact the Association des Accompagnateurs en Montagne (mountains tour guides), who, in addition to guiding you, are an inexhaustible source of information on the archipelago fauna and flora.


III) Befor departing

 It is essential to check the weather forecasts. The dedicated number is 0892 68 08 08.

On tracks along or across rivers, be vigilant because of tropical flush floods. If the water becomes muddy and leaves float to the surface, do not try to cross the river but go to a high place and wait until the water level drops. 


IV) Time of departure


Night falls quickly and early in Guadeloupe islands. It is therefore not advisable to plan a departure after 3:00 P.M., whatever the season.


V) Solitary hikes


Avoid setting off alone, and even if you are in a group, someone not taking the hike should be given all the details of the planned hike.


VI) Celle phone


Before departing, fully charge your mobile phone and power back-up, and find out about white zones with your operator.

VII) Suitable attire


Plan for weather changes. For example, it is advisable to prepare your equipment for rain, wind, and sun. Good hiking shoes are obviously necessary.


VIII) Staying hydrated


Hiking in the tropics requires sustained hydration. It is recommended to carry 1.5L of water per walking hour per person. Bring snacks (fruit, dried fruit, energy bars).


IX) Check your equipement


Check your equipment before you leave and make sure it is in good condition.


X) First-aid pack


Carry a small first-aid kit to deal with minor injuries.


Last advise

For your peace of mind when going hiking, be in touch beforehand with one of the local supervising bodies. You can contact:


- L'association des accompagnateurs en montagne 

- Comité guadeloupéen de randonnée pédestre

- Comité trail Guadeloupe 



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