Fine Dining

Fine Dining Tour

  • Day 1

    Discover the circuits

    Take part in a rum tasting

    Perhaps you’d like some rum to start? There can be no history of Guadeloupe without rum. At Domaine de Séverin, visit an authentic Creole plantation, revolving around the main house, the gardens and the rum distillation process complete with paddle wheel. Plus, you’ll find the house’s mill for making spices and other Creole sauces. And needless to say you’ll taste several rums, all in moderation, including white rum and the famed aged rum, not to mention punches made from excellent native fruits. Practical info: 2 hoursDomaine de Severin (Distillery & Spices)Cadet97115 Sainte-RoseTel.: +590(0)5 90 28 24 12E-mail: contact@ledomainedeseverin.frWebsite:

  • Day 2

    Discover the circuits

    The exquisite Pointe-Noire!

    From potent rum to intense chocolate! If you truly love chocolate, stop in Pointe-Noire – located in the heart of an age-old cocoa-producing region – for a delicious shared experience. Learn about the art of growing cocoa, its history and artisanal production. But don’t leave without attending a tasting! Enjoy pure bliss while you savor the taste of true chocolate, prepared with cocoa paste.Practical info: 90 minutesLa Maison du Cacao Grande Plaine, 97116 Pointe-NoireTel.: +590 (0)5 90 98 25 23 E-mail: Website:

  • Day 3

    Discover the circuits

    Time for sweets!

    Basse-Terre will welcome those of you who love exotic tastes with all things sweet! In the morning, gorge on Guadeloupean jams that offer a mix of mild, colorful tastes that melt in your mouth, made with local tropical fruits including guava, coconut and passion fruit. Let yourself be tempted by mouthwatering gourmet tastes that shine a light on the island’s food traditions. Practical info: 1 hour M’Amour Contact: Les Confitures M’Amour, Domaine de l’EspéranceLes Plaines, 97116 Pointe-NoireWebsite: www.guylesueur.comM’Amour Contact: Les Confitures M’Amour, Domaine de l’EspéranceLes Plaines, 97116 Pointe-NoireWebsite:

  • Day 4

    Discover the circuits

    Spice up your holiday!

    Day 4: Spice up your holiday! Today you’ll meet Jimmy, an official Maître-Restaurateur. Explore his fusion cuisine known as Ô Z’Epices – reinterpreted Antillean cooking that’s refined but always authentic. All his dishes are prepared with vegetables from his garden and fresh seafood.Practical info: 2 hours

  • Day 5

    Discover the circuits

    Time for coffee

    It’s time for a coffee break in Basse-Terre! But this is local coffee, the best: Arabica, with an exceptional taste and aroma. Don’t pass up a chance to try the “Windward” roast, considered one of the best coffees in the world.Practical info: 1 hourContact: Musée du CaféLe Bouchu, 97119 Vieux-HabitantsTel.: +590 (0)5 90 98 54 96E-mail: cafe.chaulet@wanadoo.frWebsite:

  • Day 6

    Discover the circuits


    Just because your holiday is drawing to a close doesn’t mean you should stop smiling! Visit the Maison de la Banane and take some time to wander the footpaths in its banana plantation and learn about the different varieties. You’ll be rewarded with a magnificent view of Les Saintes and Dominica. It’s a pleasant and educational stroll for discovering the secrets of the banana. Practical info: 2 hoursContact: Maison de la Banane RN1 La Regrettée, 97114 Trois RivièresTel.: +590 (0)5 90 92 70 75E-mail: nancy.bureau@live.frWebsite:

  • Day 7

    Discover the circuits

    The best traditional dishes

    To end your week on a high note, there’s nothing like a classic native dish! Bébélé is the delicious traditional dish of Marie-Galante. If you love an authentic food experience, let yourself be transported by the delicate spices in this stew, made primarily from offal and breadfruit. To add to your enjoyment, Footy will save its best tables for you.Practical info: 2 hoursContact: Footy RestaurantBoulevard des Caraïbes, 97112 Grand-BourgTel.: +590 (0)5 90 97 99 19E-mail: annabelle.mesinelle@orange.frÔ Z’Epices Point de Vue Falaise, 97125 BouillanteTel.: +590 (0)5 90 38 87 61E-mail: Website: